Master’s Program

Master program consists of pre-requisite, basic, core, required 1, 2(including Thesis), and electives, totaling 27 credit hours. Core includes two courses (Service Statistical Data Analysis, Research Methodology) and Required 1 also does two(Introduction to Service Management, Service Research Design). Students will choose their specialization before in their second semester. Specialization course will be offered in Financial Service, Management Service, and System Service. Students take 4 Electives. Among them, at least three courses must be in his/her specialization and one or more seminar courses are required. Required 2 is Thesis, which will be taken for the last semester.

Category Course Credit Hrs. Note
Pre-requisite* Interpretation of Financial Statement & Descriptive Statistics 0 Before semester
Basic English Communication 0
Core Research Methodology
Service Statistical Data Analysis
Required 1 Introduction to Service Systems
Service Research Design
Electives** Financial Service 1, 2, 3, 4
Management Service 1, 2, 3, 4
System Service 1, 2, 3, 4
12 Select 4 courses
Required 2 Thesis 3
Total 27

Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program

Ph.D. program consists of required basic courses, basic major electives, major electives, required major courses, totaling 63 credit hours. Five required courses will be taken by all the students, Financial Accounting, Service Research Methodology Ι, Ⅱ, Introduction to Service Systems, and Multivariate Analysis. Students will also take at least two basic major electives to gain foundational domain knowledge about traditional management. The Service Systems Thesis Research course is designed to encourage Ph.D. students to publish their research before graduation.

Category Course Credit Hrs. Note
Required Basic Courses Financial Accounting, Service Research

MethodologyⅠ,Ⅱ, Introduction to Service System,

Multivariate Analysis

Basic Major Electives Marketing, Finance, Accounting, International Business,

Human Resource Management, LSOM,

Management Science, MIS, Business Strategy

6 Select 2 Courses
Major Electives Above 12
Major Electives Select 5 courses in Service System Area 15
Required Major


Industrial Workshop 3
Service Systems Thesis Research 7 semesters

(1 credit hours per semester)

Service Systems Overseas Seminar 2
Thesis 3
Waived Credits Up to 18

* Under basic major electives, both two courses can be selected in the same business area.
** Credits can be waived up to 18 credit hours after being examined by doctoral program committee.
*** Service Research Methodology Ⅰ can be substituted by Research Methodology course and Service Research Methodology Ⅱ can be substituted by Statistical Analysis Methodology course, which are opened in Sogang Graduate School of Business
**** Business Statistics is a prerequisite course of Service Research Methodology and credits can be waived after being examined by doctoral program committee..

The curriculum structure will allow students to gain rich domain knowledge about management and service systems engineering, and will provide them with the ability to conduct research on a variety of phenomena in services science.