Welcome to Sogang Business School!

Prof. Gwangheon Hong
Sogang Business School  

Sogang Business School (SBS), one of the top five business schools in Korea, has been the inspiration behind its leadership in top-quality management education and research since early 1960s. The inspiration derives from the school’s proactive responses to the changing global marketplace by providing relevant knowledge and skills to the students, innovate and invest in intellectual capital, and develop new programs, curricula, and courses. Also, as a business school founded on the Jesuit educational principle, in particular, the school has been moving forward with education and research on issues that have leading the school’s constituents a greater awareness of social responsibility and global sustainability.

The school’s 50-year-long academic prestige remains solid and so will it be in the years ahead. SBS will continue pursuing excellence in education, fostering the students’ mindset of global perspective and leadership that can come up with breakthrough for any

conflicting situations and living up to the business ethics based on the Jesuit educational principle. The academic prestige and future vision is embodied in the school’s four core strategic values: Globalization, Leadership, Excellence, and Ethics (GLEE).

As the SBS dean, I will adhere to the fundamentals set forth in the GLEE, along with resilient and innovative ways of thinking, and will emphasize a holistic view of management issues by tearing down walls that compartmentalized different fields of management studies. The school will aim at providing management education that will incorporate the thoughts of other academic fields, such as humanities and engineering, so that graduates of this school could be armed with functional knowledge as well as diverse perspectives all over the world.