All of top executives!

Graduate School of Business Administration’s reason for being is to find a permanent truth with cool-headed reason and not be lax in playing the role to have students understand it through education reasonably adapting for the changeable current of the times.

  • Prof. Juyoung Kim, Dean

  • Prof. Kim, Yongjin
    Executive Director
    Sogang Top Executive Program

Sogang Top Executive Program(STEP) set up GLEE (Globalization, Leadership, Excellence, Ethics) as Sogang’s peculiar tradition of quality education and a new educational idea and a purpose to overcome the 21st century and is endeavoring to achieve it through the curriculum of STEP. STEP is holding special lectures connecting with management consultant companies noted throughout the world as well as intramural and extramural prominent personages and is comprised of seminars for intensive example analysis and discussion, information technology education related to E-Business, of which importance is increasing recently, and various programs for cultural and friendly activities. Especially, it provides world-authoritative Harvard Business Review, CASE STUDY developed by Graduate School of Business Administration of Harvard and the most advanced management education utilizing videos related to management renovation. Also, in order to make the greatest of learning effect, the newest terraced lecture rooms with consideration of lighting and sound effects, friendly lecture rooms with a snug atmosphere and different educational assistant equipments are prepared. In addition, all of professors and the faculty are enthusiastically endeavoring to leap toward the best reeducation program for top executive competing with international brand name universities. STEP is making efforts to share change with you and create an opportunity with a mental attitude of staying at the present time and refreshing all the time. We have confidence that these efforts of us will be a help to overcome a challenge of the 21st century and become a non-lonely winner and then participate in rank of advanced enterprises.

We respectfully invite top executives to STEP possessing tradition of study.