Education Subject

Subjects of this program are principal members of enterprises and financial organizations.

Curriculum made in order to satisfy the demands of consignment organizations

This program provides the standard curriculum developed by our Graduate School of Business Administration as well as various courses made to order by consulting and mediating the education period (the full-time schooling system in the daytime, the weekend schooling system at night, etc.), curriculum(the general manager course, the financial professional course, the marketing professional course, the E-commerce professional course, etc.) and education subject and education location(this school, an enterprise, etc.) with consignment organizations according to feature and necessity of consignment organizations in order to realize business education satisfying demands of industrial circles.

Importing TQM concept for renovation of curriculum

In Korea only our university is involved in the Total Quality Management(TQM) project by putting funds support of 260 thousand dollars and 70 thousand dollars of self-collection funds towards the renovation of the curriculum of our Graduate School of Business Administration from the American IBM international foundation. The purpose of the TQM project is to renovate the curriculum of advanced graduate schools of business administration so that the curriculum satisfies the demands of enterprises.

Abundant educational experience of business education on commission

Since establishment of the Enterprise Principal Management course, the financial manager course, the financial professional course as a part of industrial-educational cooperation, various curricula operate by being commissioned from enterprises such as Kumho Group, Eland, Korea Gas Corporation, Hyundai Motor and KS and financial organizations such as Kukmin Life, Kukmin Bank, Nonghyup, Sinhan Bank, Foreign Exchange Bank, Housing & Commercial Bank, Hana Bank and Woori Bank. Also, the financial professional course is opened based on principal managers dispatched from a large number of financial organizations not an office. This Graduate School of Business Administration has perfect arrangement and abundant educational experience for general operation of MBA program in the company such as the faculty, curriculum, teaching method, materials and example development, educational facilities and equipments, academic affairs management and administrative support through business education on commission for many years.

Perfect academic affairs management

Attendance and absence are checked by the assigned seat system every lecture time and the absence permission limit by unavoidable causes such as disease is settled according to tradition of Sogang University recognized as perfect academic affairs management. Anyone who excesses the limit will fail. Also, an assignment and evaluation to achieve a purpose of a lecture are given on occasion.

Cooperation world-prominent a graduate school of business administration and an educational organization

We issue the Korean version of the ‘Harvard Business Review’ and the ‘Sogang Harvard Business’ every other month by contract with the Graduate School of Business Administration of Harvard in the U. S. and arranging various programs for industrial-educational cooper such as the international interchange induction course with prominent universities such as UC Berkeley in the U. S.

Education based on management examples

Trainees can learn realistic management knowledge because lectures are taken from Korean examples that have been directly developed by professors of the Graduate School of Business Administration at Sogang University or translation examples and computer simulation games from the Graduate School of Business Administration of Harvard.

Intensive foreign language education and Computer Information education

This program performs intensive foreign language study to produce professional managers with international sense and communication skills. Foreign languages include English, Japanese, Chinese and so on according to demands of enterprises and classes are classified by the students abilities. Also, computer courses and courses related to information technology are available to manage the information era. Especially, professional computer practice education as well as the foundation perform in the exclusive PC practice room equipped the highest-level LAN facility.

Distribution of teaching materials developed by subjects

This program uses teaching materials that are directly developed by professors using their regular subjects for effective lectures. In addition, textbooks are selected carefully by professors by subject and are distributed so that trainees can refer to them.

The charge professor system and the treatise advisor system

The charge professor system provides courses to support trainees of each course. Professors in charge are settling operation of the program over the whole education period and consulting and supporting trainees to devote themselves to studying in comfortable circumstance. Also, it enables trainees to cultivate the ability to plan and develop ideas by studying a special subject based on the theory of business administration and techniques already learned. Trainees operate team projects by making a team from a small group and selecting a common theme or make out reports under the thorough direction of advisors.

Off campus Camp seminar and internal and external industrial inspection

Students build friendships among classmates in natural surroundings, away from their class rooms through the off campus camp seminar. The example analysis with current affairs and relatively important subjects and special lectures by prominent personages are provided. Students observe the theory of business administration that they learned in a class room as it is applied to actual conditions by visiting industrial sites inside and outside of the country and have an opportunity to perform benchmarking of successful enterprises.

Athletic meeting and mountain climbing

We offer an opportunity to promote friendship among trainees from various enterprises through the spring athletic meeting and the autumn athletic meeting for the promotion of health of trainees.