[Only For SIMBA 16th] Subject Waiver of Mandatory I

2017-02-21 10:45
** Subject Waiver of Mandatory I (For SIMBA 16th)
a. Students who took the mandatory I in their undergraduate school and got A grade can have subject waiver of the basic course. Students who have subject waiver get 1.5 credits with Pass grade and need to take the advanced course during the second half.
b. Maximum credits for Subject waiver are 6 credits(4 subject).
SIMBA 16th can have maximum 4 waivers among 9 subjects as below.
* Mandatory I
2017 Fall 2017 Spring
First Half
(Basic course)
Second Half
(Advanced course)
First Half
(Basic course)
Second Half
(Advanced course)
Financial Management Advanced Financial Management Financial Accounting Advanced Financial Accounting
Business Strategy Advanced Business Strategy Organizational Behavior Advanced Organizational Behavior
Operations Management Advanced Operations Management Marketing  Advanced Marketing
International Business Advanced International Business Data Analysis Advanced Data Analysis
Decision Making Advanced Decision Making
 Each one is 1.5 credits.  15 credits in total. Each one is 1.5 credits. 12 credits in total.
Students need to take 3 credits as their electives.
c. Submission Period : February 22nd ~ 24th.
d. Submission method : In person at MA302 (705-8342), via fax (715-8505) and Email (irun@sogang.ac.kr)
e. The result of subject waiver will be notified within March 2nd.
The confirmed courses of subject waiver will be dropped from the students’
course list by the office.
f. Check the application form attached. The transcript should be
submitted with the application form.
SIMBA office